Modern Day Spiritual Warrior, mentor, coach, Author & motivational speaker.

I'm Franki. I'd love to be your New Coach!

I don’t teach students, I teach leaders. Most people have forgotten the truth of who they were born to be. They have become entranced by the dialogue in their head. It’s a gift to empower other people.

Most people who come to coach with me have been trapped by the thoughts and behavior patterns they have had going on inside their heads for years. Most think that there is no permanent relief from the suffering they are experiencing. 

Over the last 22 years of self improvement, I have learned how to help just about anyone out of their current patterns and create new and empowering lives for them. I teach them the Five V’s, and it changes their lives. What a gift!

I co-create beautiful and unique coaching experiences. Work with me and you just might find more happiness & adventure than you ever knew possible.




I have experienced tragedy and abuse at the deepest levels. I realized that I had to make a choice. Would I allow the actions and words of others to run my life? Would I remain a Victim in my mind, hiding behind the addiction to suffering? Or would I choose to take EVERY LITTLE THING that has happened to me, and turn them in to GIFTS that I would use to help others to recover from their suffering? It really wasn’t a choice after thinking about it. I chose empowerment – and this has turned me in to a Modern Day Spiritual Warrior. I’m just one little lady, who chose to LIVE rather than just exist. Today I share this life adventure with others who are seeking the same type of inner peace and freedom which is available through deep self exploration and outside action. 

I even wrote a book about my coaching called: The Five V’s – A Guide To Happiness & Empowerment; Written with Love by A Modern Day Spiritual Warrior.

Come coach or do a retreat with me… I can’t wait to meet you in person! 

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